Brighton Community Events CIC

Brighton Community Events CIC (BCE), a not for profit community interest company is delighted to be leading this years festival, working to raise funds and awareness of the Brighton Yoga Foundation and it's important outreach projects.


The festival is run to bring people together across the yoga community and wellness industry, supporting teachers and businesses and to help reach those in the wider community who are not yet aware of the benefits of yoga. It is open to all, regardless of age, experience or fitness levels; with many specialist classes and classes suitable for beginners for those who have never tried yoga before.


The festival is run as a low cost event, with a number of free entry tickets for those unable to pay at this time. It is organised primarily by volunteers, so that funds raised go to support the Brighton Yoga Foundation and other future community events led by BCE.

Brighton Yoga Festival is a ‘Festival For Everybody’ first launched in 2014 by the Brighton Yoga Foundation.

Now organised by the Brighton Community Events CIC team working closely with and to support the Brighton Yoga Foundation

The festival is open to everyone, we love to welcome new people to yoga and we will have a number of classes aimed at complete beginners. Yoga for us isn't about about being able to get into unusual postures, (although this may happen). It's about being present, and being you, just as you are.

At BCE we’re on a mission to change the world for the better. We advocate for equality, justice, and equity in all our initiatives. Our commitment to diversity is fundamental to the organisation, from our leadership to our volunteers. Together, we’re making strides toward a more inclusive society where everyone’s rights are protected, and everyone’s voice is heard.